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PB 89

SPIDER 27.14 is a double pantograph with jib, 10 m. up & over clearance, vertical lifting of the basket, raising up to 10 m like a scissor-lift and with a maximum height of 27 m work and a total weight of only 5.000 kg. The new SPIDER 27.14 offers an outreach of 14,4 m with an operator into the basket (136 Kg) and 12,7 m with 230 kg basket capacity. The Most compact 27m tracked-lift with only 890mm of width, with an hydraulic operated undercarriage, that enables to pass through a single door 3,5” wide. When tracks are in wider position the stability of the machine when off-road is guarantee in any uneven ground situation. All features that meet the continuous demand of the market that wants to access platforms as compact and light as possible, but with very high performances.

500 LBS
11,000 LBS
89 FT
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